Risk Hazekamp

A n d  s o m e  e y e s  i n  t h e  b a c k  o f  m y  h e a d

Gallery Cokkie Snoei Rotterdam


Mankind can control nature, conquer it and feel at home as if in his own living room... Or that is what most commercials and Hollywood movies would have us believe.
In Risk Hazekamp's (1972) last series For the likes of them she assumed the position of the masculine 'individual in nature' against the expansive backdrop of the south of Spain.

Her new series And some eyes in the back of my head is situated in an even more extreme location. We see a landscape where life and death co-exist. The atmosphere is simultaneously desolate, frightening, and alienating, dreamy, fascinating, enchanting. One could speak of a 'moment-in-between' - an instant following a radical event. Everything is on hold and a strange sort of silence rules.

'The individual as outsider' is a recurrent theme in Hazekamp's work, in which she is both photographer and model. Her poses in And some eyes in the back of my head are relaxed; the individual seems to exist outside of limiting definitions such as 'male' and 'female'. Instead the figure occupies a private Utopia, in which both the individual and the landscape await a spontaneous new beginning.

Risk Hazekamp depicts a world that resembles our own. But it seems more like a world of dreams, onto which everyone can project their own thoughts and ideas.
It is a miraculous place, a romantic 'no man's land' in time and space.


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