Risk Hazekamp

f o r  t h e  l i k e s  o f  t h e m

Gallery Cokkie Snoei at Paris Photo


Risk Hazekamp's new series of photographs for the likes of them is a quest for self-identity. The borderline where the 'masculine' and the 'feminine' brush shoulders, is once again a dominant factor. Another aspect is the impossibility of defining one's own gender without reference to 'the other'. Within the distinction between 'us' and 'them', Hazekamp prefers to be 'one of them'.
Just as in her series Never been to Spain from 2001, Hazekamp has used the Spanish landscape as her scenery. By isolating herself in an unfamiliar setting, the past can temporarily be forgotten. A new life can be imagined, with no necessary relation to reality.

Without the restrictions of 'home' one can ponder, without interruptions, what and who one is at any particular moment in time. An idealised personal world is born. By reacting instantly at the moment when the idea for a photograph emerges, the excitement of this moment is tangible in the final image.  A very particular form of concentration, the right mental input and the right location are required for the creation (or perhaps imposition) of the right circumstances to awaken these ideas.

The result is a series of constructed images that were nonetheless spontaneously produced. In each image, the artist is also the model. In a deserted landscape a particular pose or stance is adopted. A bisection is created between the model and the landscape (the scenery) because she stands in front of the landscape rather than within it. As such, the resultant image almost takes on the character of an advertisement. A repeated image buries itself in one's subconscious, but also offers the long-term possibility of transformation.


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